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As with the Steelyard Designer’s Lounges (and roving Trolley!) of Markets past, the Steelyard Airstream will be THE place to find everything you’ll need to help you get the most out of your days at Market.

Where to find it? Commerce Ave. between Wrenn and Main.

People* are calling it the “uber-chic pop-up destination at Fall HPMKT” !

Come by and pick up your Steelyard swag bag and Nail Polish Trail map, get a first look at Steelyard’s newest online tools, and snag VIP passes to the hottest ya-gotta-know-somebody-to-get-in events, Check out the cozied-up interior, with bedding & accent pillows compliments of Rizzy Home and décor accessories from Mercana.

Or just hang out Streamside and lounge in Polywood’s new Edge Collection deep seating or gather ‘round the Polywood fire pit while saying hi to some special industry friends who will be stopping in.

At Steelyard’s Virtual HQ we’re not allowed to say “Glamping” (it’s suprising how many people do not like that word!) but we can’t stop you from thinking it when you come and see our Market digs.


Airstream Hours:  

Friday, 12-6pm

Saturday - Monday, 9am-6 pm

Tuesday, 9am-12pm.

* Okay, our PR people. But they really mean it!


This Steelyard Airstream is uber-chic, amiright?"..."Mmm, yes, for sure!