Steelyard Panel
Designing Your Media Empire


Join us for what’s sure to be a witty, fast-paced dive into the world of bringing your brand to the next level as Barrie Livingstone, Justin Shaulis, and Julia Buckingham share with you how to design your media empire. You know each of these talents, and surely have often thought of being in conversation with them in your own living room - about this very topic!

If you have not had the pleasure of getting to know Barrie, Justin or Julia; give us a minute, we’ll introduce you!

The first 100 attendees will receive an exclusive Steelyard nail polish designed just for this event! Hosted by the Universal Learning Center @ 101 S. Hamilton St.

Barrie Livingstone

Barrie Livingstone

Justin Shaulis

Justin Shaulis

Julia Buckingham

Julia Buckingham

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Barrie Livingstone

Meet Barrie

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British-born Barrie Livingstone is an accomplished interior designer, realtor, published author, and industry influencer based in Malibu, California. His design projects span the globe from Los Angeles to Miami, from Dubai to Malaysia.

Barrie’s unique combination of seasoned Interior Designer “meets” savvy realtor makes perfect sense to have access to when designing or renovating a property. In the world of design, presentation is nine tenths’ the law. It is all about how the design makes one feel and how many years good design will last.

With over 30 years of experience in the Residential and Hospitality Industries in both design and marketing, his clients gain vital insight on how to present properties in the best possible light. Barrie has designed for international hotel brands such as: Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott, Southern Sun and Mandarin Oriental in the Near and Far East, also luxury residences and yachts.

He’s appeared in & on countless publications, podcasts, and blogs, and is currently taping a band new Bravo series as you read these words. (But that’s all we can say right now!) He believes building a media empire goes beyond branding and social media, and that video and TV is key. And he’s ready to tell us how to go about it!



Justin Shaulis

Meet Justin

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Justin Shaulis is a designer with twin talents: an architecture background and in-depth knowledge of interior elements. He transforms homes, apartments and venues into stunning environments for a stable of clients who demand luxurious surroundings. Balancing the classic and the modern, he approaches each project collaboratively with the client. This means that the aesthetic varies with the influence and the context. What remains consistent is the devotion to exploring lifestyle, a theme he understands with depth given his own appreciation of luxury, and all it brings to an environ and its occupants. Based in New York City, he has completed work throughout the US, Carribean and the UK. 

Design Host for HGTV’s 2010 Home Rules. Antiques aficionado. Current brand ambassador for


Meet Julia

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Julia Buckingham

Her “Media Empire” includes her gorgeous book, Modernique, Inspiring Interiors – Mixing Modern and Vintage Style, her spectacular collections of licensed products, numerous high-profile panels, show houses, personal appearances around the globe.

Since opening her design studio Buckingham Interiors + Design Ltd in 2007, Julia has contributed to Traditional Home magazine’s Color Master Classes and is a founding contributor to the popular design blog Material Girls. She is also a Trendspotter for Silestone by Cosentino. and has partnered with The Kohler Company, Cosentino, and Benjamin Moore to create a designer vignette in NYC for DIFFA Dining by Design. Most recently, Julia was selected as an inaugural member of the Authentic Luxury Guild with Rohl. AND she just opened a brand-new Modernique boutique in Phoenix. All this while continuing to run the high-end design studio in Chicago that started it all!