Nail Polish

Where to Get the Hottest Fashion Accessory at Market

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Steelyard’s nail polish has quickly become a Market tradition, and collecting each unique color is half the fun.
This fall, each of our 9 colors are linked to a specific event at one of our partner brands.


Beach House @ Steelyard Designer’s Lounge

Steelyard Designer’s Lounge @ Universal: not only is the Designer’s Lounge your HPMKT HQ, it’s also your first place to get a nail polish. Always unique, this Market we’ll be celebrating Universal’s new Coastal Living Collection with “Beach House”.


White Shag @ The Steelyard Panel

Steelyard Panel: we aren’t going to pull punches here...yes we are bribing you to attend our panel on Saturday at 1:00PM at Universal. Featuring Barrie Livingstone, Justin Shaulis, and Julia Buckingham, you won’t want to miss it, but just in case, the first 100 attendees are going to get polish #2 - “White Shag”.


Essential Pink & Essential Gold @ Essentials For Living Celebration

Essentials for Living Celebration: as we celebrate the union of Star International and Orient Express into Essentials for Living, you can pick up two nail polishes while sipping on champagne and eating delicious candy on Saturday from 4:00 - 6:00PM. #3 “Essential Pink” & “Essential Gold” can be all yours in Showplace 3148.


Naturally Gabby @ Gabby: Life’s Best Moments Furnished

Gabby: Life’s Best Moments Furnished: join us at Gabby for Southern comfort nibbles and cocktails on Saturday at 5:00PM to see who wins Gabby’s Life Best Moments Furnished contest - and pick up polish #5 “Naturally Gabby”.


Bronze Beauty @ Sunpan Garden Party

Sunpan Garden Party: complete your Saturday with polish #6 - “Bronze Beauty” - at the Sunpan Garden Party from 6:30 - 11:00PM. 


Renovate & Reimagine @ Curate Home

Curate Home Renovate & Reimagine: Philippine rum, Philippine beer, and nail polish. Sunday from 4:00 - 6:00PM, we’ll be sampling exotic drinks while painting our nails with Curate’s two colors - #7 & #8 “Renovate” and “Reimagine”.  Make sure you RSVP.


IMAXimum Blush @ IMAX Designer’s Reception

IMAX Designer’s Reception: and finally, polish #9. Join us at IMAX for a special Designer’s Reception just for you, Monday 4:00 - 6:00PM. Be sure to tell them you are a Steelyard Insider and you’ll complete your Fall collection with “IMAXimum Blush”!