Steelyard Insiders

The NEW Steelyard Designers Lounge and the Contests You'll Want to Win!

The Steelyard Designer’s Lounge has a new home: 200 Steele. The Lounge will have all the comforts you've come to enjoy, with a little extra luxury. So join us to relax, charge your phone, grab lunch, chat and mingle, and get the inside scoop on all we have going on at Market. And we’ll have swag like always, including access to the Steelyard Nail Polish Trail Vault!

The Steelyard Market Experience is already loaded with fun, but we decided to add a little more. Because let's be serious - can you ever have too much fun? And more importantly - who doesn't like winning things?



While our brand partners have a LOT going on at Market - see the full list here - we wanted to highlight some of the most unique things happening. Again, this isn’t about FOMO ... rather it is sharing more about some amazing designer-friendly brands so you truly get to know who they are.