All The Cool Stuff We Can't (Quite) Tell You About Yet

Although our sadistic friends at the High Point Market Authority love to torture us with their countdown clock, many Fall Market event details are still being finalized and won’t be ready to announce until next week. But this week we can at least address a few of the questions you’ve been asking us:

NP-Trail-Gif_Revised (1).gif

Q. Will there be Steelyard nail polish again?

A: Yes! The Steeyard Nail Polish Trail will be back with a fabulous fall palette! Stay tuned for color previews and participating showrooms!

Steelyard_Trolley_IconV2 (3).png

Q: Will the Steelyard Trolley be back?

A: Sorry, no. We’ve traded it in for something a little more, shall we say, stylish (no offense to our sweet little Trolley…this is more like his cooler cousin.) We’ll be announcing all of the details next week!


Q: What about the Steelyard Designer’s Lounge?

A: Same answer as the Trolley question above…


Q: Will you be hosting another “Hidden Gems” panel at the Point?

A: Yes! Get details and RSVP here.

There’s much more to come, ya’ll! So make sure you’ve gotten that travel booked and we’ll help you plan the rest over the next 6 weeks!