Spring 19 HPMKT Wrap Up: Round 2

Welcome to Round 2 of the Steelyard High Point Market Recap. (Read Round 1 here). To close out our time at HPMKT and bring to you all the things you need to know, today’s recap includes a roundup from the 7th Steelyard Nail Polish Trail, an aggregation of showroom shots from some of the hottest brands at Market, and finally, some takeaways from our incredible Trolley Talks.

Steelyard Nail Polish Trail:

Seven markets, 15,000 bottles, and a lot of colorful nails!


Steelyard Nail Polish Trail

Seven markets, 15,000 bottles, and a lot of colorful nails!


No matter how many times we are asked why we started the Steelyard Nail Polish Trail in 2016, our answer remains the same - we thought it would be fun. And it definitely has been a lot of fun!

We cannot tell you how awesome it is to see people get excited when we reveal the colors, or the excitement when they are sooo close to collecting each and every one at a particular Market.

In fact this year, we were still unpacking boxes of nail polish on the Thursday before Market when a brand called and asked if we’d be delivering her polish soon. When we asked why, she told us she had several designers in her showroom asking for her brand’s color. Market officially starts on Saturday, people!!!!!  But we love your enthusiasm.

(You can read more about the trail and this Market’s colors here.)

Showroom Roundup:

We buzzed around Market with a lot of energy, eager to see the new collections we had told you about beforehand, interested in finding more hidden gems, and with a strong desire to see it all. Whether you were there with us or not, allow us to share some of our highlight showroom visits from the week:

Century Furniture

Did you see something great? Share some of your pictures with us too please!

Trolley Talk Take-aways:

Yes, we really did have panel talks on the Steelyard Trolley on Monday!


First up was Franziska Neumann, the owner of design-oriented creative agency FZK Franziska, and Jana Platina Phipps, the Trim Queen, to share their expertise on the most effective tools to help you build your brand and increase your reach. It was an intimate Q & A filled with detailed advice from these two passionate, creative mentors and influencers!  They covered far too much to summarize here, but we’ll share 3 of our favorite tips:

  1. Consider embedding your instagram feed on your website.  Most off-the-shelf website platforms templates offer this feature and it adds instant impact to your homepage

  2. Take advantage of tools that help you maximize your content and time.  Some favorites to check out: Tailwind (for scheduling), Audio Jungle for royalty free music, Airtable, Link Tree

  3. Harness the power of Pinterest’s search capabilities to drive brand awareness:  Make sure you’re pinning every image on your website to the platform so whenever someone clicks on it, it links back to you.

Later in the afternoon, Justin Shaulis, Brand Ambassador for The Howard Elliott Collection, climbed aboard to share why he chose the brand ambassador route instead of licensing a collection with a brand. It was a great conversation that included how Justin preps for HPMKT:


He always makes a point to meet the ownership and presidents of companies and get the 15-second elevator before opening an account. You may need to make an appointment, but it’s worth knowing who is behind the brand and is a great gauge of whether the brand truly values its designer channel.

Try to see behind the scenes of what manufacturers are doing and learn their story, learn the stories of hand made/hand touched.  Take a factory tour whenever possible to learn how the product is made.

Consider engaging a publicist to help you decide which launches and events will give you the best exposure for your niche and create a schedule to get you to them.  And don’t forget to allow time for networking!

We were so happy to be able to hang out with these special people and soak up all the combined wisdom!

And that wraps it up for Spring ‘19 HPMKT.

Come back soon to start planning for Fall! Let’s do it again, October 19-23, 2019