While our brand partners have a LOT going on at Market - see the full list here - we wanted to highlight some of the most unique things happening. Again, this isn’t about FOMO ... rather it is sharing more about some amazing designer-friendly brands so you truly get to know who they are.

Here are four of the events we are most excited about:

Phillips Collection: Warehouse Tours

While most of us spend a lot of time in their showroom in IHFC, Phillips Collections offers tours of their warehouse everyday during Market from 8am - 8pm. We did this not too long ago, and we walked away with a whole new appreciation for their business. Getting the chance to see all of their live-edge tables, as well as their inventory of geodes was special. Did we mention it’s 400,000 square feet? Worth the trip! RSVP

Itinerant Studio: The Art of Block Printing

We are in awe of what Vicki and Tom do, and we find ourselves scrolling through their Afar Collection way too often! So we are super excited to see them in action in this fun and educational class on the art of  printmaking. You will not only have a chance to try printing one on your own, but will learn how to sell and use these original pieces of artwork in your next project. RSVP

Sunpan Garden Party

Okay, we admit this is neither educational nor product focused, but this is truly our favorite party at Market. The food is simply scrumptious (even for vegetarians!), the cocktails are divine, and the live entertainment is always out of this world. Why? Because the team at Sunpan cares deeply about designers, and they use this party as a chance to celebrate alongside of all of you. That tells you a lot about who they are! RSVP

Third Night: A Progressive Gala

Monday night of Market has a little something special with a neighborhood celebration. There’s live outdoor music, performances, and themed showroom parties. How is this meaningful to you if you won’t be at Market? Well the whole point is to explore showrooms you’ve always meant to visit but haven’t gotten to, yet, and you can do that on Steelyard just as easily. Check out our brands from the Hamilton-Wrenn neighborhood. California House, Century, Highland House, Kindel Grand Rapids, Scarborough House, Selva, Tomlinson Companies, and Vanguard.