Trolley Talks

Have you ever attended a panel or industry talk on a trolley? Want to?

Here we go ...


On Monday of Market, the Steelyard Trolley will be parked at The Point for three Trolley Talks. It isn't complicated - there will be talks and they are on a trolley. And one offers CEU credits. Yay!

Okay...we do have to admit one thing before we go any further. Two of the three trolley talks are actually on the trolley, and the third is like 20 steps away, but since the trolley is so big and amazing, we’re counting it.


Curbside Mentoring - Maximize Your Visibility to Grow Your Influence

Monday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM @ The Point

Join Franziska Neumann, the owner of design-oriented creative agency FZK Franziska, and Jana Platina Phipps, the Trim Queen, for this unique event. Franziska and Jana will share their most effective tips on how to use the tools you have in place to increase your reach. Bring your questions for an intimate Q & A on the Steelyard Trolley with these two passionate, creative mentors and influencers!  RSVP

Lunch ‘N Learn - Design Using Color Theory To Create Healthful Lifestyle Settings

Monday, 12:00 - 1:00 PM @ 205 S. Main St. (steps from The Point)

Watermark Color.jpg

Grab a voucher from the Steelyard team for a tasty lunch from Parson’s Table - then head over to Watermark Living for a discussion on how to create effective color palettes utilizing textiles for healthy lifestyle settings indoor and out. By the end of this CEU, you will have learned how color influences emotions & behavior, impacts health & well-being, how color schemes can be used with textiles for personal health, & how color combinations can improve well-being. RSVP

Being a Brand Ambassador - How and Why With Justin Shaulis

Monday, 1:00 - 2:00 PM @ The Point

Justin Shaulis.jpg

Have you ever dreamt of trying to launch a collection with a manufacturer? It is a big undertaking and it’s not for everyone. Join Justin Shaulis, former host of HGTV’s Home Rules, as he shares why he chose the brand ambassador route instead. As brand ambassador for The Howard Elliott Collection, Justin will take us inside how we works with the product and marketing teams, as well as his overall approach to enhancing the way they communicate with the design trade. This Trolley Talk just might get you thinking a little differently! RSVP