Must-See Brands: Take 2

Let's continue the journey with a tour of more Steelyard brands showing at HPMKT.

This week take a virtual tour of the Tomlinson Showroom, meet the husband and wife behind Itinerant Studio, and get clued into one of the a unique experience from Phillips Collection.


When we think of legendary brands at High Point Market, Tomlinson is at the top of the list. And in October, we were blown away by the changes they made to their showroom. It had a whole new feel, and we had to pick our jaws up off the floor. There was still the timelessness of Barry Dixon, the sophistication of Michael Wolk, and the always-present spirit of legendary founder Kay Lambeth, but there was also a lighter, more fun vibe throughout the space.

Check out a glimpse of their showroom from October…


And be sure to visit 525 N Wrenn this spring to experience it for yourself!

Itinerant Studio

I was recently talking with a woman who had just returned from Havana, Cuba after leaving the country when she was 10 and not going back until this year. She was trying to describe what she saw and experienced, even trying to tell me about the texture and state of disrepair of buildings. But she was struggling to fully capture what she had seen. Without a word, I took out my phone and started scrolling through Itinerant Studio’s “Afar Collection”, and tears streamed down her cheeks. Vicki & Tom had captured in their images from Cuba what this woman saw, felt, and experienced in a way she could not describe. Take a peek...and then go see them in person at Market.


Phillips Collection

What can we possibly say about Phillips Collection that we haven’t already breathlessly told you in the past? They are truly one of our favorites in the industry! Good people, incredible product, and a welcoming vibe in their showroom that is second to none.

This Market, we challenge you to step outside of their space in IHFC and take a Phillips warehouse tour. We did this not too long ago, and we walked away with a whole new appreciation for their business. Getting the chance to see all of their live-edge tables, as well as their inventory of geodes was special. Did we mention it’s 400,000 square feet? Worth the trip! And stay tuned because we will be able to tell you about a very cool way to experience the Phillips Warehouse Tour soon!

Here’s a preview of just one section: The Geodes!