Meet Our Danish Rockstars


We love having the chance to introduce you to some of our favorite industry people.

These are the personalities behind the brand...the reason we walk into showrooms...and the passion that drives our industry.

Last week we told you about Brian Berk of The Howard Elliott Collection. He is our favorite former “pitbull of a litigator” and Cubs fan in the industry. Plus he has a world-famous bloody mary bar with Pepper Infused Vodka in his showroom every morning, and they introduce a new “mocktail” each Market. Pro Tip: Say yes to the celery in the bloody will make you feel like you are getting your veggies!

This week, meet our favorite Danes from Maxwood Furniture. They have a great story about how they got started, a special event happening on Sunday of Market, and an exclusive discount just for our Market Insiders. After you read all about them, you'll be calling them your favorite Danes too!

The latest Industry Rockstars:

Stephen & Anne Jensen, Maxwood Furniture 

Where did you grow up?  

Stephen grew up in Denmark, Italy, and Australia, Anne grew up in Germany and went to the University of Cape Town in South Africa. We met in Durban, and moved back to Europe, and then to the USA together.

And how did you wind up in the juvenile furniture industry?

Stephen worked in the kids furniture industry for years as a Global Sales Manager and finally was sent to the USA to start up a Danish kids furniture business. After a few years, he started designing his own solutions and eventually started out on his own.  Anne joined the business full time in 2014 after 20 years as a Global Marketing Director working for a Consumer Goods Company.

What prompted you to start your own business?

Being parents ourselves, we understand well that kid’s needs and preferences change quickly. Many times we have purchased expensive toys or furniture for our children just to have to discard them a few months later. This simply did not make sense to us. We also saw that many kids’ rooms lacked the space, functionality and the inspiration to fully enjoy the most critical years of development. Dreaming, playing and exploring are not only part of the joys of being a child - they are important behaviors that help kids grow into creative, well-balanced adults.

So, based on our European design sensibilities, years of experience in the furniture industry and our conviction that a high-quality and extra-safe piece of furniture can, --and should-- be reused, we created not just a new line of furniture, but a whole new concept to the children’s furniture market:  a new brand called Maxtrix®!

What is the most gratifying part of your work/business?

Hearing from happy customers, and seeing them return over the years. Because Maxtrix® is a system, many people come back to us after years of owning a Maxtrix® bed and then decide to change or add on to it – like turning a Loft into a Bunk. We love when people take full advantage of what the system has to offer and really optimize their kids’ space over time.

What's your favorite part of Market?

Meeting and connecting with customers, always getting excellent feedback and ideas we take very seriously and include into our design process going forward. Meeting new customers and showing them our capabilities and seeing the excitement. Seeing our new products come to life in our showroom and getting first-hand feedback on our latest designs.

What showrooms or product categories do you always make a point to see at Market?  

We love seeing fabric and rug manufacturers to see color trends.


Partner Event: Coffee and Danish with the Danes

When: Sunday 10/14 at 11:00 am

Where: Centers of High Point, Hamilton - 226, Level 2

What: Start your Sunday with a cup of coffee and some danish while the innovators of Maxwood Furniture show you all of their latest fun accessories, design options, and practical add-on’s to help you create the perfect environment for children. From Triples, Quads to L-shapes and more, their Maxtrix® System is incredibly versatile. Interior designers and architects love to find solutions they thought they had to go to a custom builder for readily available through Maxtrix®.


Market Insiders Special: Experience Maxwood with Special Savings