High Point 101


Overwhelming, confusing, hard to navigate ...

We won’t deny all those things you keep hearing about High Point are true, UNLESS you understand a few things about how it’s organized.

High Point Market got its start 110 years ago as a sleepy little regional furniture exhibition that has grown organically over time into the sprawling trade mecca it is today.  For most of that time, there was no master plan or guiding design; just a crazy-quilt amalgam of exposition buildings and complexes, storefronts, and freestanding showrooms. Like most small American towns, High Point streets aren’t laid out in a grid, so there’s no intuitive or orderly system for getting around.  A map or navigation app is crucial, but that’s only going to get you so far, because the names of things can also be highly confusing...

Here are 3 things we wish someone had told us about Market:

  1. The “Transportation Terminal” is not a building.  Yes, there's that "T" on the High Point Market Downtown Map, but it's floating around in the Showplace parking lot, and you won’t find it on Google maps... So what is it?  The Transportation Terminal is that little stretch of Commerce Ave. between S. Wrenn St. and S. Hamilton St where the shuttle buses line up.  It comprises that general walkway area in front of the IHFC building and is literally the beginning and end (terminus, terminal..get it?) of the shuttle bus routes.  For many of us, it was the first place we set foot in High Point and will forever be our central orientation point for everywhere else. 

  2. The High Point Theatre is hiding in plain sight. You’d think the largest indoor venue in High Point would be easier to find, but it can be incredibly frustrating if you’re not familiar with High Point lingo. It’s described as being “in the Transportation Terminal”, but what does that mean?  (Because, as we just learned above the Transportation Terminal isn't a specific building.) To get to the theatre, you need to use the entrance to the left of the IHFC main entrance -- which is also the entrance to the International Buyer’s Center and--(fun fact)-- scooter rental.  

  3. A bunch of things are named Hamilton, the Centers of High Point aren't in the Center of High Point, the Suites at Market Square and Market Square are two completely different things, and the numbers on the buildings on the HPMKT map are not street numbers. In High Point, Hamilton is a street, a wing of IHFC, a building in the Centers of High Point complex, and a fabulous Broadway musical (what, you haven’t seen it yet???), which is all to say that it’s easy to get mixed up if you expect continuity across all the showrooms at High Point Market.  There is none--each building and complex has its own system and quirks, so keep that in mind as you plot your agenda.  We don’t claim to know it all, but we’ve learned a lot over the years, so stop in the Designer’s Lounge if you need help or tips on the best game plan for getting to the showrooms and events you really don't want to miss. 

Considering the wild diversity of exhibiting spaces, The High Point Market Authority (created in 2001 ) has done an extraordinary job making it as easy as possible to find and get to the places you want to be.  But that diversity is also what makes High Point Market a truly one-of-a-kind industry experience.  We'll have more navigation tips, so keep checking back for insights and embrace it!