Top 5 Tips

Thanks for being a Steelyard Market Insider! This week we’re all about helping you plan your trip to Fall Market. So grab a pen and paper and let us help you get some travel planning done!


Planning Your Trip to Fall Market

Yes, all roads lead to High Point. But actually planning your travel to Market can be overwhelming. Many hotels are already sold out, some of your best flight options go to airports 1+ hours away, and you have no idea if you need a car. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Among our team we have been to almost 200 High Point Markets (not as impressive as it sounds when you talk to some Market veterans!). So we pooled together our accumulated experience to give you our top 5 tips to make your travel planning easier.

1. Concierge & Discount Codes

Did you know Market has its own travel concierge and discounts on airfares  and rental cars ?  Give the concierge a call at 336-434-3867 or drop them an email and let them help you make your travel plans. Who doesn’t love having someone else take care of the details? 

2. More than a Hotel Room

After a long day at Market, sometimes it’s nice to sit on a cozy sofa with your colleagues or friends and debrief. That can be hard to do in a hotel, but there are other options. Consider renting a private home or finding an Airbnb. Our team has rented the same house for several Markets. We’re not trying to make you jealous, but using the massage chair in the house at the end of the day may be the best part of Market week for us!

3. Shuttles

 A question we’re asked all the time is:  Do I need a car to get around Market?. Our answer - Nope! Check out all of the options for shuttles to/from airports, shuttles to/from hotels, and shuttles to ferry you around market.

  •  Pro Tip: make a reservation now if you are flying into/out of RDU or CLT and want to take the shuttle. You can always make changes to these later.
  • Pro tip: program the number for the Go Anywhere Shuttle into your phone now (336-887-7433)! 

  • Pro Tip: If you do drive in, be sure to budget extra time and money. Most parking lots are $10-20 per day (cash only).

4. Uber, Lyft & Taxis 

The shuttles are great, but sometimes you’re just over it and need a quick ride. Download the Uber and Lyft apps now and set-up your accounts. It will save you time when you are getting drenched in a storm and you’re late for a showroom appointment. If you need help with how to use either one, come by the Designer’s Lounge and we’ll show you! And good old fashioned taxis await you as well on the Hamilton St. side of IHFC if you don’t have the rideshare apps.   

5. Restaurant Reservations

Check out our whole section in the next blog on places to eat. Lock in your reservations now before everything is booked so you’re not walking the aisles of the local mini-mart trying to piece together dinner!


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