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We are just days away from High Point Market Fall 2018. And while we know there are other "Market Guides" out there, trust us, this is the one you have been waiting for.

Welcome to The Ultimate-Most-Comprehensive-Designer-Friendly-Market-Guide-EVER!

Printing this out and putting it in your Market bag is fine, but we recommend sleeping with it under your pillow so you absorb all of the info via osmosis, and then taping it to your forehead during the day. Yes, we're serious.

Ready? Here we go!

We aren't going to belabor this. Here's what we've got:

  1. Exclusive access to our Insider VIP Events. They are on fire!

  2. Invites to other special Partner Events....you are going to want to see these.

  3. Directory of our designer-friendly brands, by showroom location and category.

  4. The ultimate noshes and libations list - where to eat and drink every day.

  5. Nail Polish. If we need to tell you why that matters, you really need this guide!

  6. Ways to save money. We've got meaningful Perks from great brands just for you.

  7. Steelyard 101. Basically why we should matter to you after Market too.