High Point Market Wrap-Up


While HPMKT got off to an inauspicious start with Hurricane Michael passing through NC, the design industry was not going to let a little rain and wind ruin our fun.

Okay, in reality it was more than a little rain and wind. In fact, we know quite a few industry superstars that survived Market without power in their homes, and some with large trees down on top of their cars or across their yards. But as the saying goes, “the show must go on”...and it certainly did!

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Let us start with a big thank you to all of you that we met in the Steelyard Designer’s Lounge at Universal, at our Insider & Partner Events, and at our Celebrity Panel. We consider it a great honor that you spent some of your time at Market with us, and we really loved meeting all of you in person!

Now for some of the highlights of Market:

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  • Champagne with Cotton Candy

    Our friends at Essentials for Living threw a heck of a party for our “Insiders” to celebrate the joining of their 2 brands, Star International and Orient Express, under one new name. Complete with champagne glasses rimmed with cotton candy, champagne gummies, and a really gorgeous candy table. And, bonus, they are offering our Members 10% off through the end of the year! Just click “send message” from any product page to get your discount.

  • “Facets” by Kindel Grand Rapids: one of the best launches we saw at Market. Kindel Grand Rapids unveiled one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging chest and credenza programs we have seen, and it did not disappoint. Talk about options...Facets is nothing if it isn’t customizable. See it on Steelyard here.

  • Performance of The Year: did you join us at Sunpan’s Garden Party? If so, you know what I am talking about. The singer they had was outrageously good! I am still in awe. Plus...candied apples. Yep, candied apples! Check out some highlights from the party here.

  • Bacon: okay, someone on the Steelyard team is a vegetarian, so he much preferred the Indian lunch at Rizzy Home on Monday, but the rest of us could not get enough of the pork belly carving station at Phillips Collection. Plus spending time with Mark, Julie, and Jason Phillips is one of the highlights of every Market for us and so many others!

  • Beach Vibes: did you see the new Coastal Living Collection from Universal? Or did you at least take a picture with the Land Rover out front? We really enjoyed the vibes at Universal this Market..and the pink shirts their team wore!

  • Learning, Learning, & More Learning: oh wow did we learn some things!

IMG_3038 (1).JPG

Watermark Living taught us a lot with “Outdoor Made Easy”. They had retailers, a former publisher, and a brand on one panel...amazing!

And Barnes Custom & Greenhouse Fabrics did a Custom Furniture 101 that was mind-blowing too.

We think we’re ready to start sketching ideas!


  • Design Celebrities: our Insiders got to hang out with Libby Langdon at Kas Rugs, Justin Shaulis at Howard Elliott, and Charlotte Moss, Thomas O’Brien, and Richard Frinier at Century.


Plus, our panel with Barrie Livingston, Justin, and Julia Buckingham was so cool! We’ll be posting video soon.

  • Designer Love: IMAX hosted an awesome Designer’s Reception for our Insiders and they walked away with the final nail polish of Market. What a cool group of people that really love designers!

  • Coolest Showroom (with Philippine Rum & Beer): sometimes you walk into a Showroom you’ve been in a few times and you pause thinking you’re in the wrong place. That happened at Curate Home this time because Brad has totally revamped his space in an awesome way. Plus he served Philippine rum and beer to our Insiders. It was delicious!!  

There is so much more to share, but we know you don’t have all day to read our highlights even though we save you so much time with Steelyard! So we’ll call it a wrap on High Point Market...after two more things!

ONE, did you know some of our brands are offering you discounts through the end of the year? Make sure you check out all the Perks from our HPMKT brands here.

And TWO, are you going to Las Vegas Market in January? If so, we are debuting LVMKT Insiders with our first-ever Vegas Designer’s Lounge. Sign up to be a LVMKT Insider.