Hospitality At Market

Have you always wanted to expand into hospitality projects and you don’t know where to start? Or are you already taking on hospitality projects and need some guidance on the best brands to use and how to create an amazing guest experience?

Welcome to Hospitality at Market, a series of educational and networking events put together by High Point Market and INSPIREDESIGN.

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Meet Our Danish Rockstars

We love having the chance to introduce you to some of our favorite industry people. This week, meet our favorite Danes from Maxwood Furniture. They have a great story about how they got started, a special event happening on Sunday of Market, and an exclusive discount just for our Market Insiders. After you read all about them, you'll be calling them your favorite Danes too!

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High Point 101

Overwhelming, confusing, hard to navigate...we won’t deny all those things you keep hearing about High Point  are true, UNLESS you understand a few things about how it’s organized.

High Point Market got its start 100 years ago as a sleepy little regional furniture exhibition that has grown organically over time into the sprawling trade mecca it is today.  For most of that time, there was no master plan…

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Get Coached Up!

One of the best, but most overlooked, things about High Point Market is the chance to learn. Our Market Calendar is full of panels, CEU opportunities, and events where you can learn all sorts of things about our industry and how to be better at what you do. It also includes purely social events, but let’s be honest, some of the best networking and learning from each other happens over martinis!

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More Rockstars & Exclusive Deals

This week you are going to meet a former “pitbull” litigator who loves the Chicago Cubs more than anyone else we know and also happens to run one of the coolest decor and art brands at Market.

Plus we have another exclusive deal from one of our brand partners just for our Market Insiders. Who doesn’t love to save $ on great products!

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Industry Rock Stars

Our industry is full of incredible people, some with with very bold personalities, and some that keep a low profile. We believe it is these people behind the brand, or out front with a cape on, that truly define the pieces that roll off the production floor. So let us tell you about a few of the people that we think define their brands, and keep an eye out for even more over the next few weeks.

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